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What are Naughty-Knotty skeins?

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Knots in yarn are not an uncommon occurrence - it is a part of process. But they can be a drag - especially in superwash yarn when you can't splice together the ends as easily. While we don't make claims to be completely knot-free, we do our best to pull out naughty skeins when we come across them.

A "Naughty-Knotty" skein has either a knot, broken ply, or flub in the strand. Occasionally there are two knots within a yard of each other and sometimes the knot will create an overspin / underspin in the yarn next to the join. These anomalies may result in a loss of a few yards when they occur. Please plan your projects accordingly.

For most of the skeins, we've marked the knots and anomalous areas with a piece of yarn, however for a few of the skeins we have split the skein into two hanks where the knot/flub occurred and removed any imperfect areas. In the case of a split skein you will essentially be receiving two smaller skeins that TOGETHER will range up to 5 yards less than the regular put-up.

"NAUGHTY-KNOTTY" skeins are usually dyed independently of our regular stock. If you are ordering multiple skeins of one color we suggest alternating skeins every few rows on any multi-skein project, since multiple skeins are not likely to be from the same dye-lot. We will always do our best to send the closest matching skeins.

This is a great time for some good savings if you don't mind an extra join! In many cases, the NAUGHTY-KNOTTY section is so close to the beginning/end of the skein that you might not even need to use it in your project. A little naughty, yet oh so nice! :)

Naughty-Knotty skein sale

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Skein is Piquant Lite, Sample knit in Artisan Sock

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French Rose

French Rose, shown in Entice

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Playing with color

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Magic Carpet

Come ride with us and every door will open wide with this magical mix of blue and purple dusted with a sprinkling of green and rust. On sale through January 2018.

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New yarn bases coming on November 16th, 2016

Here's a sneak peek - details to come soon!Spark - 28 colors available.

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Stock Updates October 5, 2016

Cadence: (we also have lots of other colors in smaller quantities listed.) Click on picture for direct link.

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Featured Color of the Month - August 2016

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