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What's on Viki's needles?

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I have been having a lot of fun this year participating in the Hazel Knits Knitalongs I'm hosting on Ravelry and often I've been able to double dip with other KALs as well. Apparently, I've been on a bit of a sock kick too.

All throughout 2016, we are celebrating the Year of the Monkey in our Ravelry group by knitting Monkey Socks by Cookie A. So far I've completed two pairs. My plan is to finish a pair during each two-month KAL period this year. The pattern does such fun things with variegated yarn and several colourways have been marinating in my stash for a very long time - too long. It's time for them to finally achieve their sock destinies.

The first colourway I knit up was It's a Wrap on Artisan Sock- an old club colourway. These will be my new Christmas socks as I wore through my last pair and didn't have a pair at all for Christmas 2015 and that was no fun!

My second pair were in the retired colourway, Alki Reflections on Artisan Sock. This colourway reminds me of the handmade rag rugs my Grandmother had throughout her home.

I'm not sure which colourway I will chose for the next KAL. I'm looking forward to digging through my stash to see what tickles my fancy.

Unfortunately, none of the variegated colourways are currently in production. Fingers crossed they will return one day.

The March/April KAL, in addition to Monkey socks, also had a second theme - Literature inspired patterns.

My first pair of Literature socks were Hedwig & Friends by Karin Michele in Song Sparrow on Artisan Sock. These socks were inspired by the Harry Potter series of books. I love the little owls that surround the top of the leg. These socks also qualify for the Inside Number 23 Podcast Harry Potter KAL and I've been so inspired by them that I've started to reread the series. I haven't read the books since I spent an entire year reading them out loud at bedtime to my son about 5 years ago. I think I love them even more now!

I also finished a Romeo and Juliet inspired pair of socks. These ones are Two Households by Claire Ellen and I knit them in Barn Door on Artisan Sock. These socks are mirrors of each other and were a blast to knit.

In February, I finished the Galactic Hat by Julianna Puccini in Tastes Like Purple and Nekkid on Cadence. I added a fantastic Bernat Faux Fur pompom and I'm pretty sure that even though this hat was knit with the intention of being mine that my daughter has claimed it as her own. And who can blame her? It suits her perfectly!

The final project I have to show you is currently a work in progress. I'm knitting the Nutcracker Trio by Susan Claudino in all Cadence leftovers. All the knitting is done, I'm just waiting on the crowns, bells and buttons to arrive to complete the set. They are cute now, but the embellishments take them to a whole other level. I can't wait!

It might seem early to be making ornaments but these little guys have been on my radar for a few months. They were only available as a kit originally and released last week as a pattern only. I figured I had waited long enough. Plus, I will be entering them in the LegacyKnitz Podcast Stuffy-a-long KAL and the Susan Claudino Designs April KAL, both on Ravelry. And I love a good KAL entry. Especially one that can double dip.

Time to plot what to cast on next!


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