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What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

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It's been a while since I've given you an update on my Hazel Knits projects. I've mostly been working on my own designs which aren't quite ready to be revealed yet. But even while I'm working on those project I have been casting on a few more projects that I can share.

I believe all of projects I'm going to show you today were Knitalong projects. Although as you will see some of them did not quite get finished by the KAL deadline.

Let's start with some of my most recent projects.

The current HK KAL on Ravelry has two components. Participants can either knit a pattern by Tin Can Knits or knit or crochet any pattern using any HK purple.

This adorable little Sproutlette flew off my needles last week in this perfect purple Rogue. I'd had my eye on this pattern for a while. And even though I don't have a final recipient to give this to yet, I knew this was the right time and the right colour for the project. And with a quite soak and a block, it was perfect!

Also as part of the KAL, I knit a Gather Hat by Tin Can Knits in Lively DK in Chambray (colour currently exclusive to 3 Kittens in Minnesota). The resulting hat is so squishy and with sizing from baby to adult, I'm sure I will be knitting this one again.

If we step back a little further, I have only completed one sock from the May/June 2014 KAL. Guest designer Heidi Nick designed a gorgeous cabled mystery sock, Tree People, for our Ravelry group and I chose to knit mine in an old club colour, Coleus in Artisan Sock. The first sock is gorgeous, but unfortunately I tend to only knit plain socks in the summer when the kids are around so the second sock hasn't happened yet. Hopefully I will pick it back up soon.

And if we step back just a little bit further to the March/April 2014 Underappreciated KAL you will find my next project - this one actually finished on time. Another adorable baby dress. This one is the Eileen dress which I knit in Artisan Sock in Sweet Crush. I love the little orange flecks throughout the dress.

Oh boy, how much further back can we go? Unfortunately, quite a bit. This next project was started as part of the November/December 2011 Mittens, Mitts, Gloves KAL and finished earlier this year. These are my Skull Mitts in Artisan Sock in Loosey Juicy and club colour Starry Night. The two colours didn't provide a lot of contrast, but I like the resulting subtlety. Like my little mitt secret.

And even though it took me about 2.5 years to finish them, it just proves to me that those single socks hanging about might still get their mates. It's never to late to finish a WIP.

My most recent project (as in just finished yesterday!) I've left to the end. This one is another Tin Can Knits pattern for the current KAL. And even though some of my projects languish for years, for this one - I'm ahead of the game. This year's ornaments are done! Here are Fancy Balls in Artisan Sock in Red Carpet, Nickel and Eurphobia.

As you can see I have a lot of fun with our Knitalongs. I'd love it if you'd check out our most recent KAL and love it even more if you joined in.

I might still have another project or two up my sleeve (that may or may not get finished on time).


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