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What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

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My abundant sock knitting has continued over the last couple of months. I'm obviously spurred on by my participation in the Claire Ellen Lord of the Rings Sock Club. I'm almost managing to keep up.

The one sock that I just can't seem to finish is February's The Falls of Rauros socks. I've finished one sock and cast on the second, but those twisted stitches tend to hurt my hands so it isn't usually my first choice of projects to pick up despite how beautiful it is. I'm knitting mine in Artisan sock in an old club colour called By the Seashore.

But I did move on and finish March's beautiful cabled In the Golden Hallsocks in the meantime. Mine are knit in Artisan sock in club colour Tapestry, a suitably golden colour.

And I also finished April's delightfully textured The Dead Marshes socks in Artisan sock in the slightly marshy club colour Hedgerow.

And I'm halfway through May's intricate The Paths of the Deadsocks. The colour doesn't exactly go with the theme but it was time to liven up Middle Earth with some happy colours so I choose Artisan sock in Cherry Blossom. This way I can also participate in our current Ravelry knitalong - Popular Patterns or Pinks!

Our previous KAL featured designs by the lovely KnittyMelissa, so I joined in and knit the interesting Triple Threat socks in Artisan sock in the club colour Smudge. I hadn't worked with beads much before and found it very fun. I'm sure I'll be selecting more beaded patterns in the future.

I also knit myself a fun short sleeved sweater, Global Warming by Suvi Simola, in Cadence in Lipstick 1984. I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern since it was written for only one size (smaller than me). I added a few stitches, added some length and knit at a slightly looser gauge and came up with a sweater exactly like I was hoping for. I'd say I can't wait for Winter to wear it again, but I totally can. I can wait a long, long time if it means it is warm out for a while.

One of the fun things I occasionally get to do is knit samples for Hazel Knits' Trunk Shows. It's a great opportunity for me to knit things I wouldn't usually choose to knit for myself. Like shawls. Don't get me wrong, I think they are beautiful and super fun to knit, but I just can't figure out how to wear them. I never feel quite comfortable or myself. Hey, but that's just me. I guess I'm more of a scarf wrapped about my neck three times kinda gal.

My most recent sample knit was the stunning Darwin Shawl by verybusymonkey in Entice in Pine Forest. I knit the large size and used a touch more than 600 yards.

And finally, I finalized and published a hat and mitten set called Follow (each pattern also available individually). All knit in Artisan sock, the colour combinations I used were: Queen of the Night with Hydrangea, Splish Splash with Sassafras, Storm with Crescent, and Red Carpet with a Rogue orange.

Work is continuing on my "in progress" socks, another design which is almost done and who knows what else! Maybe a popular pattern in pink so I can continue participating in the current KAL. And of course, I'll be casting on my June LOTR socks in less than two weeks!

Happy Knitting!


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