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What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

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The last few months I've definitely gotten my knit on. So many projects have come off my needles (I've already knit 10 socks so far this year)!

This is not usual for me. I knit a lot but I'm not the person who takes their knitting everywhere with them. I don't even knit in front of other people. I'm starting to think maybe I've been isolated at home this winter more than usual (it has been extremely cold this winter and I hate the cold). At least I've got my knitting to keep me company. And a nice pot of tea.

It probably also helps that I've joined a super fun sock pattern club and I've developed a serious crush on Cadence.

Let me show you what I've knit since the last time I posted an update.

My last finished knit for 2014 was probably one of my favourites for the whole year. I knit this Lodgepole Cowl by Sara Gresbach in Cadence in Lipstick 1984 and Frost.

I adore these two colours together and never would have thought to combine them myself. The inspiration came from my Nike shoes. So now I have a cute matching cowl/shoe set to walk the neighbourhood in when Spring finally arrives.

My first project for 2015 was another cowl in Cadence. This one is the Swingtime Cowl designed by our own Wendee Shulsen. Mine is knit in White Winged Dove, Smolder and Smudge. I think it is a very sophisticated combination. I can see wearing it with a nice black, dressy wool coat. There are some Swingtime kits available in the HK online store (this colour combination is currently out of stock).

As I mentioned above, I've joined a sock pattern club that is keeping me knitting. Claire Ellen's sock club includes patterns inspired by locations in the Lord of the Rings.

The most recent patterns I've finished are December's Cozy on Caradhras in Artisan Sock in Silhouette.

Followed by January's The Long Dark of Moria in Artisan Sock in Smolder.

And my most recent cast on is February's The Falls of Rauros in Artisan Sock in club colour By the Seashore.

Each pattern is so different from the last - cables, knit-purl patterns and twisted rib - and inspired. And the best part ... each of these patterns would qualify for the current Hazel Knits Ravelry KAL featuring patterns by Claire Ellen and Heidi Nick (you know, if I wasn't the one hosting the KAL and could qualify - but you totally would qualify).

Speaking of the current KAL, I used it as motivation to finish my second Tree People sock by Heidi Nick. This pattern was our May/June mystery KAL from last year and I knit mine in Artisan Sock in the club colour Coleus. This is a beautiful sock that taught me an important lesson. Always cast on the second sock as soon as the first is finished or I risk getting distracted by something shiny. The second sock was finished during a very enjoyable week of knitting and I felt shame for having let it sit so long (staring at me every day in my office).

Do you know what is very popular this year? Boot toppers. Sock legs that stick out the top of high boots so that you don't have to have a lot of bulk in your boot. Well, this is a trend I could get behind so I quickly cast on and finished a pair of Ballymeade Boot Toppers by Robin Ulrich in Cadence (told you I had a crush) in Ruby Love.

They add a wonderful pop of colour to a normally dark outfit. And just a touch of extra warmth against the wind.

Hmmm ... I wonder what I should knit with Cadence next? Any suggestions?


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