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March's Featured Color - Lipstick 1984

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We are very excited about March's Featured Color of the Month, Lipstick 1984, a bright fuchsia pink with an undertone of blue. It was one of our early colors and, like the 80s, it's time for it to make a comeback.

Clockwise from the top: Lipstick 1984 on Artisan Sock, Bougainvillea sock knit by Viki (ravname: Viki), Turn a Square hat (shown with Queen of the Night) knit by Kendrea (ravname: KendreaB), Lodgepole Cowl (shown with Frost) knit by Viki, Red Rock Canyon Shawl (would look awesome with Icicle) knit by Christine (ravname: mapleweave) and Hello Big World baby vest knit by Viki.

Lipstick 1984 will be 10% off the regular price throughout the month of March. The first batch in most of the yarn bases will be ready to ship on March 6th.


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