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Payment Options

Dyelots & Matching Skeins

What forms of payment does Hazel Knits accept?

Hazel Knits offers two choices for payment when checking out.

You may use the direct "Paypal" icon and link up with your Paypal account OR you can use the "check out" option and use your Visa/Mastercard/American Express or Discover card through our SECURE checkout system.

If you use an "e-check" through your Paypal account, it usually takes around 7 days to clear. We will hold your order until the payment has been finalized.

Sales tax applies for Washington State residents. Our current tax rate in Seattle is 9.5%.


How do you handle dyelots and matching skeins in my order?

Hazel Knits does not have trackable dyelots for their yarns. We do, however know how important it is to you that skeins match as best they can when doing a multi-skein project.

When we are able, our favorite way to dye our set colorways is in runs of 54 skeins per color (sometimes in a mix of bases), separated in batches of three (in the same base.) We keep the batches of three together from the beginning of the process all the way until storage in an effort to keep as many matching skeins together as we can. Additionally, we will always do our best to “eyeball” skeins before sending them to you, as there are often variations even between the three skeins that were dyed together.

If we don’t have enough matching skeins in stock to fill your order, we will contact you right away and determine if we should instead “dye-to-order”. If you order multiple skeins of the same color/base and it is not crucial that they match for the same project, please let us know, so we can fill your order right away with the stock we have on hand.

Please keep in mind, there is almost always some variation with hand-dyed yarn. You may consider alternating your skeins every other row to help even out any variation.

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