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Welcome to the Hazel Knits Website!

We offer a selection of carefully chosen yarn bases - some custom-milled just for us - ranging from lace weight to worsted weight in a wide selection of
spectacular colors. We strive to keep plenty of ready-to-ship colors on hand in most bases, however, should we run low of stock or if you would like a sweater quantity of matching skeins we offer the opportunity to dye-to-order most of our yarn bases to ensure that you can find just the right yarn for your project. Our yarns are also available through our retail partners if you want to see them up close and in person. If you'd like to share the success of your finished work with us or need support for your current knitting or crochet project, please drop by our spirited and helpful Ravelry group and join the

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy a relaxing browse through our yarns. The human eye can identify a million colors. Explore them with Hazel Knits.

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    For our July- August KAL, you can play along with patters or colors in the ROY-G-BIV spectrum.. Plenty of options - please join us!

recently published

  • Triple Threat socks by knittymelissa

    Lace, cables and beads make this more fun than "threatening" :)
    Details here!

  • Darwin Shawl by verybusymonkey

    This shawl was inspired by the last line in Charles Darwin’s most famous work, “On the Origin of Species”, which is ”…from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.” The stitch patterns radiating outward are larger versions of the previous “layer” and culminate in a beautiful, intricate lacy edging.
    Details here!

  • Alquemie Shawl by Dee O'Keefe

    Alquemie is the medieval French spelling of alchemy—the seemingly magical process of transformation or creation. The stitch patterns of both the scalloped border and the eyelet lace body are completely reversible, allowing the cowl to transform into many different looks depending on how you choose to drape it around the neck and which side you decide is “up.”
    Details here!

  • Follow Hat by Viki Wallner

    Follow is a basic 2-colour hat with no long colour floats - great for someone new to colour work or someone looking to have fun
    Details here!


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